Award Winning Organic Coffee

Melba Coffee

Recognised by its peers, winning Silver and Bronze medals in "The Golden Bean Roasters Competition" in all the years entered!

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Certified Organic Tea

Melba Tea

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Manufactured in Japan and made from five ingredients (filtered water, whole soybeans (minimum 15%), brown sugar, sea salt and mineral calcium carbonate), the millennial pink packaged drop has been finding its way into cafes across Australia and New Zealand.

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Whats your

Alternative Milk

We are suppliers of all your favourite milk substitutes including: MILKLAB, Bonsoy, Happy Happy Soy Boy, Almond Breeze, Pure Harvest & Vitasoy.

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Barista's Choice


Discover our award winning MILKLAB barista milk range for espresso based coffee. Designed and trusted by coffee professionals around the world to texture and stretch with any coffee type.

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Barista Blend

Califia Oat Milk

Califia Oat Milk Barista Blend steams beautifully, perfectly pairs with coffee, and tastes dang-good by itself. Unsweetened and made with whole rolled, gluten-free oats grown in North America, our oat milk and has no gums or stabilisers.
No Added Sugar, No Gums, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Vegan

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